Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adding value to eye care

I have been racking my brain this weekend about adding value. I was contacted recently by a practice consulting group. One of their requests was to watch a video. On this video they outlined a simple concept: more outflow equals more inflow. In my interpretation this means adding value. When someone comes in for an eye exam, glasses, or corneal molding adding value means they get much more than the basic good or service. It doesn't have to cost money but it adds to the experience to the value of what the patient has come in the office for.

I've done a little brainstorming on what might add value when coming in to Clear View Eye Care. Have a look at the list. If you have some additional ideas let me know in the comments.

  1. A phone call after dispensing glasses to see how they are making out.
  2. Birthday emails.
  3. A Happy Thanksgiving card.
  4. A lens cloth and case to go with your glasses.
  5. Warranty on frames and lenses.
  6. A contact lens case and solution at six months after exam just to say thanks.
  7. A blog, like this, to keep patients informed and make comments.
  8. A Facebook page that makes me easily accessible for questions and comments.
  9. Rewards for patient referrals.
  10. Discounts for your family and friends when you bring them into the office.
  11. A smile and handshake when you come into the office.
  12. Discounts for other business just for coming in.
What do you think? Are there other ways to add value when coming in to the eye doctor? What is of value to you when you come in to visit. Let me know in the comments.

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