Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monovision Ortho-K is OK.

I had a recent patient who underwent monovision ortho-k. That is, we corrected one eye for the distance and another for near. This was a good option for her because she is losing near vision and didn't want contacts. LASIK wasn't the best option either because monovision LASIK is permanent and she is in a transition phase (emerging presbyope). Monovision ortho-k allows her to see distance and near and because it is adjustable we can change the Rx as she loses more of her focusing ability.

From her experience she explained that the first few days were OK but the longer she had the lenses the more stable and clear her vision was. There was almost no adaptation period for dealing with monovision (using only one eye for a specific distance). It was a good experience and I'm looking forward to doing more of those in the future.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunglasses banned from campus.

My son is off to school for the first time. We are sending him to a charter school. That means a strict dress code. For the most part this is good exept for one clause. Sunglasses are banned from campus.

I can see what the administrators are trying to do: creat equity. However, they are missing a health issue by banning sunwear from campus. About 80% of a person's lifetime of exposure to the sun occurs in childhood. Ultraviolet exposure increases risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

A better choice would be to Protect the student's health by allowing even mandating sunglasses for the students.
There are plenty of kids sunglasses to chose from.