Monday, August 25, 2008

Tips for Dry Eyes

With Utah being the second dryest state in the nation dry eyes are virtually ubiquitous. Dry eyes can cause symptoms of burning, decreased vision, and tearing. Our hot summers, wind, and long hours at the computer can make these symptoms worse. The following are tips for dealing with dry eyes.

1. Use artificial tears (eg., Optive, Systane, Refresh Tears). Use them four times per day.
2. Lower your computer screen. Having your computer screen below your line of sight will expose your eyes less.
3. Blink. People forget to blink when doing computer work. Make a consious effort to blink every ten seconds.
4. Lid scrubs. There are multiple components to tears. The tear glands can get plugged. Use a warm wash cloth to clean the margins of your lids.
5. Protection. Keep your eyes out of the wind with a good pair of sunglasses.

Relief from dry, irritated eyes will come by simply taking these measures. If these suggestions are not enough to relieve your dry eyes we can help you with more aggressive treatment.

Taking care of dry eyes is part of clear, comfortable, healthy vision.

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