Monday, August 25, 2008

Prevention costs less

Many people are concerned about the economy. Gas prices continue to rise and foreclosures seem innumerable. In a tme like this many people begin to cut back and spending slows. While this may be good for those who have been living beyond their means there are fundamentals that should not be negleceted.

One such aspect is in healthcare. I have seen a trend in the area where people are neglecting their health. They are cutting back on vision exams, dental visits and the like citing that it is too costly for them. However, people who neglect their health end up spending more than those who took advantage of preventive care.

Case in point. Glaucoma is a debilitating vision disorder. It usually has no symptoms and can progress to late stages without the patient's realization. A regular doctor visit can detect early signs of glaucoma and begin treating it with a nightly eye drop. However, if a person waits until symptoms arise before evaluation the treatment is more uncertain and costly. Intense procecdures and surgery are often need to preserve what is left of sight. The cost is not just monetary as vision, in the later stages of glaucoma, becomes much harder to preserve.

So, my advice for anyone reading this: Don't neglect your health. Ride your bike to your doctor and get the care you need. Preventive care costs less.

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