Friday, August 15, 2008

Kids need eye exams too.

For those with children how many of you took your child for their wellness exams? The doctor checks an infant often to ensure good health and discover potential problems early to promote good development. A child's vision is no different. The American Optometric Association suggests having your child see the eye doctor within their first year of life. An optometrist can detect vision and life threatening diseases that may not be identified by the child's pediatrician. Amblyopia, cataracts and retinoblastoma are a few examples of disorders that can be detected by an optometrist.

Another issue relating to this is school screenings. Parent are often mistakenly comforted by school screenings. If he can read the eye chart then his eyes must be OK. These school screenings are very good for finding children who are nearsighted. However, they miss some very real and serious aspects of vision. Vision efficiency, hyperopia, strabismus and anything related to health are most often missed. A thorough eye exam from an eye care professional should be conducted on a regular basis to rule out an manage any of these potential concerns.

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