Friday, August 22, 2008

Six tips for Red, itchy, watery eyes

Six tips for
Red, itchy, watery eyes

More than 22 million Americans suffer from allergies. Most of these people also have allergic conjunctivitis (allergies in the eyes). This can cause itchy, red, watery eyes. Though many people simply endure these symptoms there is much that can be done to relieve your allergies.

1. Avoid the allergan. If you know what causes your eyes to itch then avoid it, if you can. This cannot always be done but is the most effective when possible. Unfortunately, people with allergies are often allergic to many things and cannot avoid them.
2. Don’t rub. Rubbing your eyes induces and increases the allergy response. When you rub your eyes it releases histamine, a chemical that induces itching.
3. Cool compresses. A cold wash cloth will help settle the cascade that causes the inflammation and itchiness.
4. Drops. Eye drops such as Elestat, Pataday, and Zatidor can relieve itchy eyes and will reduce allergies when used regularly
5. No Visine. This may get the redness out but can lead to a rebound effect where your eyes are worse than when you started.
6. Artificial Tears. These can be useful in rinsing out your eye. A clean eye will have less to react with.

Taking one or more of these measures can often relieve those itchy, red, watery eyes. You do not have to suffer from ocular allergies. If the tips above do not relieve your symptoms, talk with us about more aggressive treatments.

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