Monday, August 31, 2009

Orthokeratology - No risk guarantee

We think orthokeratology has such amazing benefits for your vision that we are offering a no risk guarantee. Try orthokeratology and if we can't give you happy daily vision through the day without glasses or contacts we will offer you a refund plus your choice of contacts, glasses or LASIK.

Orthokeratology is a revolutionary process where molds are worn at night to reshape your eyes during sleep. The molds are removed in the morning and clear vision is enjoyed during the day. It is safe for children and can even stop your prescription from getting worse.

Here's how it works. Call our office to receive our FREE consultation. If you qualify, you can receive orthokeratology for 1/2 the cost of LASIK. If it doesn't work for you you will receive your money back (minus the exam which is paid for by insurance anyway). You can then choose from free contact fitting ($90 value), 40% off glasses (up to $800 value) , or a $200 LASIK discount.

Learn more about orthokeratology at our website.

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