Friday, August 21, 2009

Hyperopic orthokeratology

Some new developments in orthokeratology allows us to perform orthokeratology on those who are far sighted. The wave contact lens system has been working to develop this new methodology to make it more predictable. It works much like myopic ortho-k but simply steepens the cornea instead of flattening it.

I have my first experience with this coming up. I am excited to see the results.


ד.א said...

Hi ,
my name is Dorit Orpaz, and I am an Ophthalmologist, practicing in Israel. I take a great interest in Orthokeratology, and was amazed to read about the Hyperopic Ortho-K.
Could you share some details about the lense's architecture? and what are the preliminary results?
Dr Dorit Orpaz

Shaune said...

Dr. Orpaz,

Results are varied at the moment. It is a little like orhtok back in the 90's. Still it shows promise and I have had some success with the WAVE system and hyperopic orhtok.