Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FDA studies life after LASIK

The Chicago Tribune /US News & World Report (8/11, Shulman) reported that "in response to a" recent "Food and Drug Administration public forum on FDA advisory panel has recommended ways to make warnings of the risks more clear," suggesting that "photos depicting what people with visual impairment actually see be made available to those considering the surgery, as well as information on conditions, such as large pupils and severe nearsightedness, which would disqualify a person from the procedure, and statistics on side effects." The agency, along with "a number of organizations, including the National Eye Institute," has "formed a task force to study quality of life post-LASIK and figure out how to minimize problems." Nevertheless, "patient satisfaction hovers around 95 percent" with the procedure, according to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. The FDA pointed out that "only about one percent of patients report worse vision and have permanent side effects," such as "eye pain, dry eye, and poor night vision."(courtesy AOA)

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Monica said...

My mom’s eyes corrected using lasik laser eye surgery. She experienced very minimal discomfort and zero side effects.