Monday, July 20, 2009

Protect your eyes.

Utah's Standard-Examiner (7/17, Park) reported that "July is 'UV Awareness Month,' and besides protecting children from sunburns, adults also need to protect the eyes of children from the sun's ultraviolet rays." Optometrist Renny Knowlton, OD, advised parents to exercise "good judgment and common sense." Children who "spend a good deal of time in the sun" need to "protect their eyes with sunglasses coded for UVA and UVB rays, he said. Some children will not wear sunglasses for long, so have them wear a hat with a brim to help shade their eyes." According to Whitney Johnson, health educator with the Utah Cancer Control Program with the state health department, "parents should buy sunglasses with a UV rating," and should consult with "an eye doctor" to find out which sunglasses are best. And, "to protect children's eyes while playing in the water or swimming outside, Johnson said, children should wear sun goggles that also have UV protection ratings." (courtesy AOA

I've been thinking of adding a collection of kid's sunglasses. Are there people out there who are interested in protecting their kid's eyes from the sun as mentioned above? I know my boys love to wear sun glasses. After all they just want to be like Daddy.

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