Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Juvenille Arthritics need regualr eye exms

Mississippi's Clarion-Ledger (7/21, Posey) reports that an estimated "300,000 children" are "diagnosed yearly with one of the multiple forms of juvenile idiopathic arthritis." But, "considering parents may dismiss a child's complaints" as growing pains, and "pediatricians may misdiagnose" the problem, "the actual number of cases may be higher." Currently, "juvenile idiopathic arthritis is classified by the number of joints involved. Polyarticular involves five or more joints," while "pauciaticular affects four" joints of fewer, and "systemic onset involves high fevers, a rash and pain in small joints." Treatment of juvenile arthritis "varies for each patient, and often is trial and error," regularly including "drugs to control inflammation, relieve pain, prevent joint damage, and maximize functional abilities. Regular visits to an eye doctor are essential, too."

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