Thursday, July 16, 2009

August is National Children's Vision and Learning Month

Florida's Cape Coral Daily Breeze (7/16, Cassidy) reports that "August is National Children's Vision and Learning Month," so "optometrists want to educate parents, teachers and children on the link between vision and learning." According to optometrist Rodney J. Smith, OD, "the American Optometric Association recommends children get their first eye exam at six months, adding that their next checkup should be at about age three, then every year until they begin kindergarten," because "a child's vision needs to be clear to facilitate normal development." Yet, Dr. Smith said that "he rarely sees children brought in for an exam at the recommended ages, even though many of them can develop eye issues that early." The American Optometric Association has estimated that "60 percent of students identified as 'problem learners' have undetected vision problems, meaning that some could see improvement in their school work with a pair of glasses or contact lenses." (courtesy AOA)

Clear View Eye Care has the tools to diagnose and treat many of these vision problems. We would love to see your children. They are fun to have in the office.

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