Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strabismus comes in various shapes and sizes

Strabismus or eye turn affects about 4% of children under 6. It can have cosmetic consequences and be the source of vision problems such as double vision and amblyopia (reduced vision). It typically caused by a muscle imbalance. It can come in a few varieties. It can be constant or intermittent, turned in or turned out.

The best treatment for strabismus depends on they type and degree of strabismus. Large, constant strabismus can be treated initially with surgery. Surgery can do a good job of repairing the cosmetic appearance but it may not completely solve the problems associated with it. Often, vision therapy is a necessary compliment to strabismus surgery.

Vision therapy can often address issues of double vision and stereopsis. It can train the eye muscles to align better and with better range.

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