Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slowing myopia with bifocals

A recent study indicates that fitting myopic children with bifocals may slow the progression of the myopia. The National Eye Institute reported recently that the incidence of myopia is increasing. They found that in certain demographics that myopia increased 66%.

The study followed 135 children who had progressive myopia. The children were assigned to single vision, bifocals or bifocals with prism. What they found after two years was that the prismatic bifocal group were the slowest to progress.

This is a new promising development to the issue of progressive myopia. High myopia is related to increased risk of retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts. This not to mention the problem associated with being legally blind without correction.

The article does not mention the option of orthokeratology in treating myopic progression. There are numerous studies and increased evidence that ortho-k can slow myopic progression. The advantage of ortho-k over bifocals is the cosmetic advantage of  no correction during the day.

These developments are significant. Early treatment through ortho-k can prevent myopic progression to the point of severe dependence on correction.

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