Thursday, June 11, 2009

Replace your contacts on time

The Daily Pennsylvanian (6/11, Ortelere) reports that, "according to the results of a new study, an alarming majority of people wear their contacts beyond the recommended usage time, making them susceptible to several health risks." A study commissioned by CIBA Vision "surveyed 1,654 contact wearers" and found that 59 percent of respondents who "wore two-week replacement silicone hydrogel contacts wore them for longer than the Manufacturer Recommended Replacement Frequency (MRRF)." In addition, "29 percent wearing one-month replacements and 15 percent wearing daily disposable contacts wore them longer than the MRRF." In a statement, Paul Klein, OD, of the American Optometric Association, said such practices are "positively not OK," adding that "they can lead to disastrous health complications." For example, "eye infections and diseases," such as conjunctivitis, "occur when organisms enter the eye via the fingers and become trapped under the contact lens." Therefore, "washing contacts daily and replacing them as suggested is essential to avoiding such risks." (courtesy AOA)

It is important to dispose of your contact lenses on a regular schedule. The actual risks do not outweigh the benefits. Further, the cost of replacing your lenses is far less than the cost of treating an eye infection.

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