Monday, June 22, 2009

Orthokeratology Fills the Gap

The procedure has been around for years but only recently has orthokeratology become more systematic and predictable. New techniques using computer aided design (CAD) allow precise corneal mold designs.

Orthokeratology provides a service that fills needs that cannot be met by other procedures. There are many people who would rather not do LASIK. LASIK is a great surgery and has helped many people. Not everyone wants to undergo surgery. Orthokeratology uses a retainer lens to reshape the eye and is therefore non-surgical.

Others would prefer something that is not permanent. LASIK is permanent and cannot be changed. Enhancements can be performed if necessary but there is a limit to the number of enhancements that can be performed. Orthokeratology can be easily adjusted if the prescription changes for any reason.

Some people would like to undergo surgery but cannot due to age restrictions. With orthokeratology, children can enjoy clear vision through the day without the need for surgery.

At Clear View we are proud to offer this service. If you have any questions about this exciting procedure give us a call for a free consultation.

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