Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Schedule online

Does it frustrate you to make a doctors appointment? Setting an appointment over the phone is a challenge. First, you cannot see the doctor's schedule. Second, the receptionist does not know your availability. So, it becomes a game of Battleship. We have one this afternoon at 3....miss. How about 10 AM tomorrow...miss. Can I come in Thursday at 4? No, the doctor will be in surgery that day...miss. How about scheduling online? 4Patientcare has a great system where you connect to their system. Give them basic information and then up pops all the available appointments. Now you can scan your calendar and the doctors and pick the best one for you. The doctor is immediately notified and the process is done. What if you need to change your appointment? Log back in and change it as necessary. Simple, easy, effective. You sunk the battleship.

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