Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Corneal Molding is great for sports.

Corneal Molding is great for those who are active in sports. The advantage is that you can discard your glasses and contacts to get clear vision through the day. It can be done on kids because it is non surgical and can be adjusted if their prescription changes. It is great for swimmers and skiers because contacts should not be worn in water and prescription goggles can be a hassle. If you are in a physical sport like karate contact lenses can come out easily.

Corneal molding is a procedure that reshapes the eye during night time hours. A corneal mold corrects your vision while you sleep.

For a short time Clear View Eye Care is promoting Corneal Molding by offering it at 75% off. If you are interested in this procedure and how it might help you or your children contact us for more information.

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