Sunday, October 10, 2010

We can do medical

My wife was talking to a friend today. She was talking about her eyes and some of the homeopathic things that can be done to help sight. I won't talk about the "don't wear sunglasses" mantra in this post. What has me riled up at the moment is that she said that she had to see an ophthalmologist because she has keratoconus. Since when?

Maybe a years ago an ophthalmologist was the best option for managing keratoconus but not today. I own a topographer and a system for creating custom computer designed contact lenses. They are the most well fit, versatile contacts around. I have a full education on keratoconus, its progression and management. No, you don't have to go to an ophthalmologist. I can provide the same treatment.

Now, there is a difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist. I don't do major surgery. The gap between the two professions was larger in the past but changes to education and law have made those differences much smaller.

So why wait in an ophthalmologists office for an hour, fill out a five page intake form, be worked up by a college student and see the doctor for five minutes when you can come to me? No waiting for your turn to go back, no paperwork to fill out, personal contact with the doctor and trained staff.

I love the ophthalmologists in town. They are all qualified surgeons and excellent physicians but don't think that they handle all medical issues, they don't. When you have eye problems call your optometrist first. Then, if specialty care is needed then we will send you to the appropriate specialist.

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