Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunglasses that are responsive.

I came across an interesting new product today, responsive sunglasses. This is a little different than Transitions. They are in fact branded by Transitions but it ads a twist. Instead of going clear inside they remain tinted. Thus, these glasses are intended to be used as an outdoor pair. However, unlike a regular sunglass, which is the same in all light conditions, these will adjust to the brightness of the light.

This makes the sunglasses far more functional. They now give enough light to work well in cloudy conditions and get dark enough to cut out the glare in bright conditions. I was amazed to learn about this and think it is a great idea. If that doesn't make it good enough, the lenses are polarized too.

They have a great website that you can check out. It includes demos and shows applications of the SolFX lens. Transitions

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