Friday, February 26, 2010

A call for tender loving (vision) care

I want to share with you an experience. I was working for another company. They only had me there one day per week but wanted to get the most out of me. I was scheduled to see patients every half hour. That's not too bad if the doctor has support staff but I was doing all of the examination myself. Furthermore, if I had consented, they would have squeezed patients in tighter than that.

There's the facts now here's my beef. When a patient exam is rushed it becomes a lose-lose encounter. The patient loses quality of care. A fast exam loses quality: whether it is from cutting out exam elements or doing them so quickly that subtleties are easily missed. The patient also is left with little understanding of diagnosis and treatment because there is no time to properly explain. The practice then loses because rushed exams lead to a higher rate of prescription redos and missed opportunities for care; which is what the patient has hired us to do in the first place.

My philosophy? Slow down, do it right. Taking time means seeing fewer patients in a block of time but just like a good watch, quality pays for itself. A good quality exam leads to greater patient satisfaction leading to loyalty. Greater loyalty means less patient erosion and fewer redos. Clear View Eye Care strives hard to give each patient the best in vision care. This means taking time to get to know you, your needs and then examining carefully to be sure we have done our best to ensure healthy vision.

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