Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume contacts can be dangerous

KESQ reports on the dangers of decorative contacts for your costume. These contacts may be a great addition to your costume and Clear View can prescribe you decorative contacts such as Wild Eyes. The article warns however that it can be hazardous without the supervision of a qualified optometric physician.

"You leave yourself absolutely open to eye infections, possibly permanent scarring on your cornea that could decrease your vision forever," says Optometrist Don Adkins with Actavision in Indian Wells. According to current FDA law, all contact lenses, including the ones only used for decorative purposes, are considered medical devices and are require a prescription.

This is an important step because of the risks involved. Eye infections and permanent vision loss are a concern if these contact lenses are not prescribed under the care of an optometrist. Decorative contacts can be the perfect addition to your outfit. The important thing is to be cautious and follow the instructions your doctor gives you when you receive your prescription. Happy Halloween.

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