Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LASIK and orthokeratology are two alternatives

I ran across this interesting article written by Murat V. Kalayoglu, M.D., Ph.D. This was one of the comments that he made.

"Clearly, orthokeratology is not for everyone. However, neither is LASIK. Each patient should choose the right treatment after considering various criteria and alternatives, which are best teased out with the help of their Eye M.D. And maybe, just maybe, the best alternative is to keep wearing those eyeglasses!"

I like the wisdom in that. When choosing a correction option for your eyes be sure to do your homework. Realize what the risks and benefits are of the various options. Recognize what you are comfortable with and trust your doctor to inform you whether you are a good candidate for procedures such as LASIK and orthoekeratology.

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