Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Corneal Molding (orthokeratology) the LASIK alternative

Corneal molding or orthokeratology is a good alternative to LASIK. This is true for a number of reasons.

1. COST: The initial investment for corneal molding is about 1/2 that of LASIK. During our current recession this opens a door for those who would avoid LASIK because of its cost.

2. DRY EYES: The LASIK procedure requires that a flap is cut in the cornea (the front part of the eye). Regardless of the method used to cut the flap, the process severs nerves that regulate tear flow. Often this leads to dry eye syndrome that can be discomforting in the form of burning and stinging.

3. NON-SURGICAL: Corneal molding is non-surgical. If prescription changes then the mold can easily be adjusted. There is no anesthesia needed, it is not permanent and that is a plus for those who avoid surgery at all costs.

4. PRE-ADULTS: Young people can have this procedure done because it is non-surgical. The risks of corneal molding is equivalent to that of wearing rigid contact lenses. Kids who are active in sports can be great candidates for orthokeratology.

Corneal molding is a viable alternative to LASIK. Clear View Eye Care can answer any more questions you might have about the procedure.

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