Tuesday, July 8, 2008

School screenings are not enough


July 8, 2008--Parents and children often believe their child’s vision is healthy because he passed the school screening. However, school screenings miss elements of vision and eye health that are essential for good performance in school. Clear View Eye Care now offers a solution through full vision exams and visual efficiency screenings.

According to the American Optometric society, an estimated one out of every four children suffers from and undiagnosed vision problem that interferes with their ability to read and to learn. Basic school screenings are often the reason that these problems are not diagnosed. When a child read’s the 20/20 line on a vision chart the assumption is made that the child has normal vision.

Over 80% of learning is processed through the eyes. Therefore, when problems arise in the way that eyes track, team or focus, performance declines. Vision problems can manifest themselves in many ways such as loss of place when reading, poor reading comprehension or attention problems. Furthermore, many children are labeled as ADD when the real problem lies in their vision.

When reading and learning problems exist, Clear View Eye Care can perform a visual efficiency evaluation. Test that measure a child’s ability to work together, focus, and follow words and objects are assessed. Often these visual problems are treatable through vision therapy. Vision Therapy involves a number of doctor prescribed exercises to strengthen visual skills. Clear View Eye Care is the only practice in Washington County to offer full vision therapy services.

Time of treatment and costs vary with the severity of the case and are discussed following an efficiency evaluation. For more information you can visit www.clrvue.com, visit us at 1100 Canyon View Dr. in Santa Clara or call (435) 674-3502.

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